If you're in the Columbus, Ohio region this Saturday and Sunday come by and see me at SPACE.

Indy Comic Con

I will be at the Indiana Comic Con March 14-16th. You can find more info at

I'll be at Artist Alley table 40 (along with Penina Gal Saturday and Sunday).

I'll have FREE business cards!


My Community Fan Comic (recently famous on the Harmontown Documentary Trailer) $4


As well as my big book collections ($12 each)!



You can mix and match 2 of the big books for $20 (save $4)!


Or if you can't decide you can purchase all THREE books for $30 (and get the Community comic free) ... Total savings of $10! 



Getting Ready For Indiana Comic Con

I will be attending the Indiana Comic Con March 14th-16th in Indianapolis. I'll have an Artist Alley table with Penina Gal, more info in the "Events" tab. Hopefully that's just one of several shows I'll be attending this year.

I'm working on a new comic which I hope to start posting up here soon for those shows. I dug this up and may use it as sticker, prints or something at the Indy Comic Con:


I'm also planning on having small watercolor paintings of things that will be fun. Here's an example one of a favorite moment of the newest season of Sherlock:


Hope you enjoy the new site, I'll be working on adding more to it here soon.



Just got back from the grand opening of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum grand opening in Columbus, Ohio. Incredibly inspiring and saw some talks that made me want to take notes similar to the ones I did for Visiting Artist Week when I attended the Center for Cartoon Studies. I should point out the quotes and likenesses are approximate not exact.

Sorry if some of the handwriting is messy, didn't bother to clean it up too much- it's a sketchbook! Also saw a conversation/panel between Jeff Smith and Paul Pope the first night but those didn't really turn out so well.

Indoor Kids Contest Submission

I don't know if you listen to The Indoor Kids Podcast, but I do and it's great.  It is mostly around video games and features comedian Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon.  They recently opened up a contest to make a design for their merchandise and I whipped this up.  Kumail was all about getting "chicken sandwich" to become part of the lexicon but I don't know if it ever really took off. Here's their website:

SPX is coming, here's what I'm a bringing!

David Yoder's Awesome Journal Comic Collection
264 Pages, 8.5" x 11"
This book collects all of my journal comics, it also has some done while at the Center for Cartoon Studies. As well as my 'It Happened At Work' comics about working at Wal-mart and my application comic to CCS. If you can't make it to SPX you can buy this book online HERE but at $14.99.

A Duck, A Monster, A Baby, An Elephant, An Alien And Vaudeville
254 Pages, 7.5" x 9.25"

This book collects previous mini-comics Giant Naked Baby, and Mr. Ryland and Mr. Yoder .  It also contains my first mini-comic 'Lou Season' and three other stories.  Once again, if you won't be at SPX you can buy it online for $14.99 HERE

Hope to see you at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD on September 14-15!

I don't know what this is ...

I'm trying to work on new comics but it's a slow process, often delayed by netflix, listening to podcasts and playing video games.  These are a couple things I did manage to draw recently:

Troy and Abed in the Morning

Thanks to everyone that came to check out my site from the USA Today Pop article.  Here's the back cover to the Community fan comic that I decided to color.  Sorry if the colors look weird, I'm getting over a cold (let's blame that).  This comic kinda explains why I made the fan comic in the first place.

Giant Nephew Baby

I posted all of Giant Naked Baby in the COMICS section, or you can go directly to it HERE.
Apologies to my sister for stealing this picture of my nephew.

Mr. Ryland and Mr. Yoder

I've posted Mr. Ryland and Mr. Yoder in its entirety in the comics section, check it out HERE.  The drawing above was a going away present from the REAL Mr. Ryland, Ryland Ianelli.  You can check out his awesome stuff HERE.

A Fan Comic About Community

SPX was great! Thanks to everybody that stopped by my table.  I decided I  should go ahead and put the Community fan comic up in its entirety.  You can get there by clicking the image above or going to the COMICS tab.

Little Yoder Bags

I made up a bunch of these bags that I'll be giving out at SPX if you spend $10 or more at my table.  Here's what it looks like with some comics in the bag:

It's a little dark, but you get the idea.  Hope to see you there!  It's this Saturday and Sunday at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, in Bethesda Maryland.  I'm at Tables I13-14 with Joey Weiser, Adam Aylard, David Mack, and Drew Weing.  Here's a map to give you an idea: